Things I do

My name is Christoph Vigano and I am a computer scientist with a focus on concise data definition languages. This was also the topic of my masters thesis, in which I mapped the XML-based and XSD-validated technology of IF-MAP onto CBOR and showed that this mapping is more space-efficient.

I am currently employed at Traum-Ferienwohnungen, where I work as a modern PHP Backend Developer to develop new features and look for solutions that benefit the customers the most. These solutions are based on Laravel and Lumen.

I was formerly employed at artundweise, where I worked mainly as a TYPO3 developer to develop customer-specific solutions with a growing focus on modern development methodology and maintainability.

In the future, I would like to expand this focus to include accessibility as well, because it is my opinion that technology, especially such an empowering piece of it as the Internet, should be accessible by everyone.

Things I use

As a new-ish Laravel developer, I try to embed myself into the Laravel way of doing things and try to create solutions that use modern PHP, are easy to maintain and are tested vigourously.

As I am also a TYPO3 developer, I mainly use modern PHP to develop both inside of the framework provided by the TYPO3 CMS and outside of it.

I’m also familiar with several other programming languages like JavaScript, Ruby, and Python, but use these mainly for smaller programming or scripting tasks.

Due to mainly developing for a web application, I’m also familiar with modern web technologies like HTML5.1, CSS3 and I try to keep an open eye on the ever-so-fast moving JavaScript ecosystem.

Things I like

My favourite german podcasts