A blog it shall be


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So, it’s almost christmas time and I just installed this blog. Why the heck did I do this? Because the way of blogging is extremely effective for information distribution. After I started using Arch Linux as my main operating system, I was confronted with a completely new approach to Linux: KISS. Turned out it is not always that “simple”.

This and the fact that Arch Linux is bare bones concerning configuration and other nice-to-haves known by other distributions included researching a lot of information on my own, reading manpages, lurking and contributing to forums and as of late the infamous IRC (mainly FreeNode).

Another helpful source of information were the myriad of blogs that I found. As of late I have come across a lot of howtos, tutorials, short tips and many more helpful things regarding Linux and other stuff in general. This blog shall be my contribution to the informational Linux blogosphere :)