Fresh blogging!


This blog post is older than 4 years and its content may be out of date.

Hi folks!

Some time has passed since my last blog post and I dearly miss the opportunity to write some quick blog posts without too much of a hassle: talking about some recent discoveries of mine, adventures in coding or about life and its pecularities.

My old Wordpress blog was already configured as minimal as possible, but it still feels kind of bloaty, so I will try to blog more using the static site generator I already employ for my main site: nanoc

With this solution, I don’t have to opt for another piece of software that can generate me some nice static HTML files to serve. But be prepared for some styles changes on the go - still haven’t decided how this site should look.

I think this new structure should enable me to make some quick posts here and then, so look forward to hearing from me! My old posts will be restored one by one as time passes. Should you need some information right away, feel free to contact me!